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aka Lup, Алина, the Dragon Emperor

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April 1, 2011
  • I live in the planet of the Lups
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is to dictate the Lups.
  • I am a fedora wearing Lup.
Hi everybody~ Welcome to my disorganized profile page. I have one rule about this page and one rule only- Please don't edit anything on this page without my permission. Thanks!
Beware of the useless but yet important junk on this page.
Ignore the above sign and please continue down this page. c:
I am strangely addicted to coloured font now...
Until next time...
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'Ello. Stalk me if you want, just know I'll be watching you! Doubting me? You better not be. I am watching you...
I feel...
like I want to do stuff!

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Lupin fan1
Me in my Lup form... with a sexy fedora.


Alina but if you want to be professional, then Lup.


Just call me Lup or the Awesome Dragon Emperor! :D


Nov. 29th


Haven't died, don't want to, and never will.


Look at the picture above.  :D




Don't stalk me.



About me

Well, I guess I should explain a bit more about myself. As you probably guessed, I love dragons (hence my nickname, The Dragon Emperor). I am also a proud coffee addict and basically an encyclopedia for random facts about movies. Other then that... there is not much to know about me. I am the ruler, or rather dictator, of the Lup species. Before any of you ask, Yes, I look EXACTLY like the picture in the infobox. :)

Well, enough about me, I'll tell you a bit more about the Lup species. We are a sometimes  peaceful species. We live in the universe and have uni-cows and dragons for pets. Distinctive features of the Lup species include mismatched coloured eyes and sharp fangs. Almost all Lups wear unique hats which match their personality. Most of the Lups have a somewhat tame personality. They won't attack unless attacked first, use their powers for good sometimes, and they love animals.

Yeah... that is about it for now. :D

Other things

Title says it all. Here are some other things which may or may not be related to me. c:

Q&A about me! :3

Hm... I'm going to make a blog with the Q&A's k? Read it... if you dare

Before you ask, yes, I am on Pottermore and yes, you may add me. QuestDragon30465. And again, before you ask, no, I will probably NOT add you back. Mainly because I rarely go on it anymore. :)


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Ok yea, so my pictures that I make or whatever shall be listed below! There are some other pictures made by some other people. c:

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