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Welcome to the The Warrior Cats Clan Roleplay Wiki
Message From the Founder
Enter the world of the Warrior Cats! Based on the famous series by Erin Hunter, now you can make a Roleplay Cat and join a Clan, Role-playing all you like! Create and Roleplay as many cats as you can keep track of, and join as many Clans as you'd like! The Warrior Cats Clan Roleplay Wikia is a place where anyone can create a Warrior Cat, join a Clan, and chat with your fellow Clan-mates!
Hello. Welcome to the wiki. We suggest you read these things: 
Guide for Starters and Our Policies. They are extremely important and please note that all of us in this wiki have low tolerance for users that break our policies. We have had a couple issues in the past but we hope to have no more. We welcome you to this wiki and hope you stay.


"Beware of what lays within"

-This site contains noticable language and foul actions that are easily noticed. Do keep this in mind as you browse the site, as the surprises can be....beyond what one would call 'normal'.

"Beware or be om-nommed by Skt, glomped by Rainly, slashed with a scythe by Snapey, and stabbed with a spork by Lupin. Have fun with that."

*April 12, 2011-Second official Admin, .Trollsky!
  • April 6, 2011-First official Admin, Rainlegs!
  • March 31, 2011-This Wikia is Created by SnapeFan1!
  • We now have a chat!
  • June 16, 2011- Inactive Cat And Clan Adoption located here!


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Feature Article
The Warrior Cats Clan Roleplay Wiki
DSC 3052
Biographical Information
Born: Cat
Phyisical Information
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Fur Color: White, brown tabby patches
Eye Color: Amber
Other Markings: Scarred blind eye, scars criscrossed on pelt
Family Information
Family Members: Unknown
Loyalty: Rogue
DogClan (formerly)
Live Appearances: Dark Forest, SkyClanRoleplay
Dead Appearances: None
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