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"You'd best get used to your frightening young pup tales, dog. You're in one. " -Nightshade to Cassie StreamClan Roleplay

Nightshade is a male, night-black-furred Shadow Wolf with icy-blue eyes that flash crimson-red, one of which is gone from the socket and covered with a black eye-patch.

Biographical Information
Born: Wolf/Shadow Wolf
Phyisical Information
Species: Wolf/Shadow Wolf
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Black
Eye Color: Icy blue
Other Markings: Lost eye, covered by an eyepatch
Family Information
Family Members: Mates: Cassie, Starlight (formerly)

Daughter: Dawn


Brother: Banehollow

Loyalty: None
Live Appearances: StreamClan Roleplay
Dead Appearances: None

He was the Mate of Starlight and lives in the forest near StreamClan Territory.

His son is Tarrent and his daughter is Dawn, and his current mate is Cassie.

He can speak cat and claims to have the powers of the shadows and the stars, and when extremely angered, his icy-blue eyes flash crimson-red. One of his eyes were clawed out due to an attack from an angered Cherrypetal.

As a Shadow Wolf, he can see into a creature's soul by looking into their eyes when his eyes flash crimson-red, and he can detect if the creature contains any sort of power by seeing into their soul.

Nightshade is Roleplayed by SnapeFan1.

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